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Milan Capital of the Empire (286-402 B.C.)

The “Pax Romana” period was succeeded by heavy and frequent conflicts on the borders of the Empire, the invasions of the imperial territories and internal conflicts. Among others there were between 260 and 271 three successive invasions of Alemanni, which also affected the Lombardy. To contain these external pressures, after a first experiment of “diarchy” […]


The origins of Milan

The scarce archaeological evidence trace the foundation of Milan, as a small village, in the sixth century B.C. According to a legendary tradition, reported by Tito Livio in 600 B.C.,  about Belloveso, a prince from Gaul, after defeating the Etruscans near the Ticino river, would set aside, with the consent of the Celts Insubri that […]

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