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Melon jam

Melon jam

Here’s the recipe for a great melon jam, with a few simple ingredients. Ingredients – 4 portions 1 kg of melon (cut and peeled) 1 packet Fruttapec 2:1 (pectine 2:1) 400g sugar 1 lemon – zest and juice ground cinnamon Traditional procedure Clean the melon, remove the seeds and cut the flesh into cubes. Put […]

Risotto with melon

Risotto with melon

An original dish , very easy to prepare. To be proposed during the hot summer months. Ingredients – 4 portions 1 melon 350 g of rice Arborio 2 shallots 1 knob of butter q.s. Chives q.s. salt vegetable broth q.s. grated parmesan Traditional procedure Sauté the shallots in a little bit of oil, then add […]

Pike salad

Pike salad

Pike salad is a delicate and fresh dish, it’s suitable as a main dish in the warm seasons but it can be served also as an appetizer. A few well-selected ingredients expertly matched that will leave your guests amazed. Ingredients – 4 portions 1 Kg of pike 4 white onion 4 carrots 2 celery gambs 5 […]

Spaghetti with melon

Spaghetti with Melon

Spaghetti with melon are a perfect dish for the summer. The pleasure of pasta combined with the delicate flavor and aroma of melon . A light and delicious dish. Ingredients – 4 portions 360 grams of spaghetti 1/2 melon 100 grams of ham not too seasoned, thinly sliced 80 g cream 1 shallot 1 glass […]

Brofadei - recipe


Italian “Focaccina” made of eggs, butter, milk, flour, salt, spread; it must have the thickness of a finger, and have to be fried in a pan in butter, then cut into squares that are coocked in good meat broth. This receip is a special soup of Brescia. Ingredients – 4 portions 150 gr. white flour […]

Braised beef

Braised beef is something other than a stew because the ingredients are made up cold, leaving them together all night, and then are put on the fire. Generally in Milan for braised used wine Gattinara. Ingredients – 4 portions 1 kg beef meat 2 carrots 1 celery gamb 250 g tomato puree 1 onion 150 […]

Alborelle Broth - recipe - Larian specialty

Alborelle Broth

Alborelle Broth is a Larian specialty. It has for mixed up souce made with tomato sauce diluted with broth made from the bones and the joint heads of the Alborelle, lemon juice, carrot, celery, onion.  Put in a souce pan the mixed souce, Alborelle already filleted and a pinch of saffron. Ingredients – 4 portions […]