Among the typical local products of Lombardy there are mixed berries, predominantly grown in the valleys at the foot of the Alps of Lombardy.
Science is more and more interested in how food can benefit our bodies. Even if berries are not seasonal, we can drink their juices, in the form of nectars of raspberries, blueberries, cranberries, black or red currants, strawberries and blackberries. This way we can benefit from the health properties of these antioxidant fruits, that will protect our bodies from diseases and prevent infections.

Health benefits of berries

So, why are berries healthy? Here are 10 benefits that specialists have discovered:

  1. They are a source of folic acid
    The consumption of folic acid is recommended to pregnant women or against certain diseases. This substance helps protect the cardiovascular apparatus and prevent fetus development issues.
  2. They have natural anti-inflammatory properties
    All kinds of berries have anti-inflammatory properties; raspberries, however, are even more effective in contrasting inflammations, thanks to their detoxifying and diuretic properties. They can be applied generously on sunburns or little injuries, as they have soothing and refreshing properties.
  3. They slow down the aging process
    Some researchers of the university of Parma have conducted a study about the anti-aging properties of berries and have confirmed that these fruits, rich in phenols, effectively help limit the degenerative action of free radicals and alleviate the symptoms of chronic diseases.
  4. They reduce the risks of contracting Alzheimer
    In accordance with the results released by the American Chemical Society, berries are rich in polyphenols, the best allies against Alzheimer, that combat toxin buildup and reduce brain aging.
  5. They benefit our hearts’ health
    All red fruits, including strawberries and blueberries, are important sources of vitamins and protect our bodies from cardiovascular diseases. Studies show that consuming berries three times per week is a panacea for our hearts.
  6. They aid weight loss
    If you want to lose weight with the coming of spring, berries are your close ally. Consuming berries three times a day helps burn fats: once again, it all happens thanks to anti-oxidants and, more specifically, according to researchers, resveratrol.
  7. They improve memory
    According to researchers, consuming berries often helps improve memory, yet again thanks to anti-oxidants and more specifically to anthocyanins, a really powerful chemistry compound that can delay natural cognitive decline even by some years.
  8. They lower cholesterol levels
    According to researchers, Vaccinium vitis-idaea red blueberries could prevent weight gain in people that do not eat particularly healthy and consume a lot of fats, contributing to control high cholesterol rates.
    It’s a good way to get fit again after the holiday food feasts.
  9. They prevent infections
    If you love eating cranberries, you’ll be more than fine: these fruits are used in homeopathy to heal urinary infections, frequently consuming cranberry extracts soothes the burning sensation and discomfort.
  10. They lower pregnant women’s blood pressure
    Blueberries are, instead, ideal for those who suffer from high blood pressure. In accordance to a study conducted in Florida, eating a bowl of blueberries a day is enough to protect our hearts and lower blood pressure during menopause. According to experts, powdered blueberry extract contributes to lower blood pressure, as tested in this study.