Acacia honey benefits

Acacia honey has ancient roots, as a matter of fact it was employed as sweetener by Egyptian,Greeks, Romans, Arabs and Indians, before the discovery of sugar.
Not only is acacia honey very popular and easy to find, but it has also many healthy benefits. Let’s have a look!

How is acacia honey produced?

Did you know the difference between black locust honey and acacia honey? If your answer is no, that is because there isn’t any difference between these two kind of honey. As a matter of fact, both are collected from the Black locust tree.
You can recognise a good handmade acacia honey from its quality and purity.


Due to its sweetness, acacia honey can replace sugar to sweeten tea and sweets. But let’s see its features:

  • Consistency: it has the property to stay liquid for a long time.
  • Colour: very light, similar to glass or straw yellow. The more it is light, the more it is pure.
  • Taste: very sweet but delicate, similar to vanilla.


Acacia honey has a large amount of benefits, but when it is raw it has even more.

  • Acacia honey is a natural-energizing food, as it is rich in enzymes and fructose, that our body absorbs easily.
  • It is a good alternative to sugar and other sweeteners.
  • It has detoxifying agents for our liver.
  • It helps against constipation.

How to choose a good Acacia honey:

A plethora of people, mothers too, use acacia honey to prepare a delicious breakfast for their kids. Hence, you may ask yourself: how do I choose a genuine, natural and healthy Acacia honey?
Here some criteria to help you:

  • Choose italian honey: in supermarket you may find italian honey mixed with honey from extra EU country, such as China, Argentina, Brasil. (Tip: according to the Italian region where honey is produced, the taste may change).
  • Handmade honey: pick handmade honey, just to be sure it isn’t mixed with other kinds.
  • Raw honey: raw honey isn’t pasteurized, consequently it holds all its beneficial properties.
  • The more fresh it is, the better it is: keep attention to verify its year of production. The more fresh it is, the more it holds its organoleptic and nutritional properties.

Organic acacia honey

Normally, honey may be treated with pesticides or GMOs and it isn’t written on the label. Consequently, if you buy an organic honey, you will be sure that hives haven’t been treated with chemical agents.
Collecting area: it is wise to choose honey whose hives are cultivated in natural reserves, far from intensive farming.

Healthy recipes with Acacia honey

  • Acacia honey is an ideal sweetener for tea, herbal tea, milk, coffee or refreshing drinks.
  • You can use it as a replacement of sugar for creams with cocoa, almonds, hazelnuts and pistachios.
  • Try it with fresh cheese such as ricotta.
  • For sweet-and-sour sauces: we suggest marinated salmon with mustard sauce mixed with honey.
  • Delicious to garnish ice cream.

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