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… Milan has one of the biggest agricultural areas in Italy and Europe. It might sound even stranger if you’ve never heard of the “Parco Agricolo Sud Milano”. It comprises 61 municipalities of Milan’s “Città metropolitana” and stretches over 47000 km 2.
Indeed, agriculture has always been of paramount importance in Milan’s territory and there are a lot of different ways to discover these rural areas.
You can visit one of the many abbeys in the water meadow area; places where history, art and nature coexist in complete harmony: Mirasole, Chiaravalle and the amazing Viboldone, with its not-to-be-missed frescoes of the Giotto school. Or you can stop at one of the region’s numerous castles, be it Locate, Cassino Scanasio or Cusago, where you might come across a spectacular medieval reenactment. Each of them has its own history and peculiarities.
However, farmhouses are undoubtedly the highlight of the area. Here you can buy locally produced meat, cheese and vegetables of the highest quality. Many of them also delight their customers’ taste buds with mouthwatering dishes, including the classic risotto and countless varieties of meat. Brasati (roasted meat), bolliti (boiled meat) and stracotti (beef pot roast) are served during winter months.
Sport lovers can enjoy a wide range of cycling paths and admire the stunning views of the Navigli, Adda and Lambro river.
We often travel miles and miles to find the perfect spot for a field trip, forgetting that there’s a wonderful world full of nature, agriculture and high quality local gastronomy right under our nose.
If you want to find out more about the paths and the history of the park, here’s the website:cittametropolitana

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