It’s all about beer

In the last few years, the consumer are paying more and more attention to quality. Nowadays there is the tendency to drink less but better. The education to the good taste started with wine, thanks also to the amazing work of the producers and taverns, that are selling increasingly refined products. This education accelerated also concerning beer. Nowadays beer is one of the most interesting industry, both because of the growth of the economic value and because of the growth of the quality and of the number of new and small producers.

In the past beer was seen as the beverage that people drink eating a pizza on Sunday evening or when they go out with their friends, without taking care of its origin, its brand and its taste. Luckily, nowadays people became more and more demanding. They can distinguish a beer made in a factory from one that is handmade, they are hard to please and curious to try new breweries, unknown flavors, different varieties.

In Lombardy, this phenomenon grew particularly quickly: there are hundreds of breweries that are more and more specialized and focused on the research of unusual and unique flavors. This growth affected also restaurants: more and more pubs are serving a selection of handmade products and lots of restaurants are creating menus of beer-tasting.
The interest and the support of organizations, at national, regional and local level, is increasing.

So, nowadays we can choose among lots of different beers and it was unimaginable a few years ago: refined dark beers, the emerging IPA and APA, amber beers that have to be drunk without food, the particular unpasteurized and weiss beers, the classic pilsner and the challenging double bock. There is a great variety of tastes and flavors produced here in Lombardy by brewmasters that are behind the times. Only one recommendation: don’t overdrink it.