Bergamo city

Venetian walls part of Unesco heritage, a history which goes from Romans to liberty, a football team (Atalanta) that is able to surprise not only in Italian but also in European championship and a myriad of wine-and-food treasures to discover. It’s Bergamo we are talking about: the city of the Mille di Garibaldi, rich in history, culture and which underlines its presence in Europe and in the world thanks to its excellent airport (Orio al Serio). Bergamo is easy to reach from Milan as well as from the rest of Lombardy. Besides it suggests different tours for a day-long or longer stays.

Both Bergamo alta and Bergamo bassa (Bergamo upper and lower town) have cable cars, medieval, venetian (on the walk on the walls you have the chance to see Milan from telescopes) and liberty styles along with wonderful architectural treasures.
But we must not underestimate the pleasure aspect: casoncelli, polenta, the typical dessert “polenta and osei” (which reminds the original dish) and great variety of restaurants with a good range of prices. Bergamo’s location is perfect, if you want to move to the valleys, where there are many agritourisms which offer delicious typical local products (from cheese to sausages and meet).

Bergamo is a culturally alive city and its website will give you every information to organise one or more days by having fun and with pleasure.