The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) is a free-trade agreement between Canada and the European Union that may enter into force in September. It has raised concerns regarding food certification, quality, safety and security, as well as the authenticity and the respect of trademarks (DOP, DOC, DOCG, etc.), especially among farmers and whoever invests in high quality local products in Europe and Italy.
But for you, CETA or not, it won’t be a problem. That’s because Lombardiafood guarantees and will continue to guarantee the safety and the high standards of its products, connecting producers with consumers without intermediaries. All the products available on our portal come from certified firms, are produced locally and above all comply with the highest standards of quality and security. They all bear quality and origin labels certified by the corresponding Protection Consortium.
Apart from raising concerns, CETA can also offer great opportunities to our firms. On one hand, Canadian companies can access our markets with less restrictions; on the other hand, we can do that too. In an international context where the food industry is more and more in search of quality and genuineness, interesting opportunities are opening up for our local producers. In fact, our producers will be able to sell high quality DOC products duty-free and will finally enter territories that were hard to reach before, taking advantage of this new factor.
That’s why Lombardiafood will make online sales available in more countries, including Canada, to become an even more important vehicle for the food excellences of Lombardy.
Moreover, since there are no intermediaries, on Lombardiafood you will even save money: we ship directly according to your taste. Last but not least, your purchases on our portal meet the most important condition: they are good and genuine.