Asparagi Mazza – White asparagus cultivated in Cantello (VA)

Our farm has been cultivating the white asparagus in Cantello (VA) for decades: the white asparagus from the Precoce D’Argenteuil or Early Argenteuil cultivar has recently been listed as one of Lombardy typical products.
White asparagus are hand-harvested at dawn in April and May.
To preserve their organoleptic properties, part of the harvest is canned either in water and salt, in sweet-and-sour preparations, puree, sauces or jams.
Description of the product: the asparagus spears are entirely white or with pink-tinged tips, up to 22 cm long, they have an intense sweet taste with a hint of bitterness.
The cultivation of white asparagus take place in the municipality of Cantello, in the province of Varese, and the harvesting is always done by hand.
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Asparagi Mazza – White asparagus cultivated in Cantello (VA) products