Azienda agricola Collina d’Oro

Main activity: saffron cultivation
Collina D’Oro saffron is cultivated and transformed into the Comasco territory by "Azienda Agricola Collina D’Oro", founded in 2010 exclusively to enhance the precious spice in Como lake.
The continuous improvement associated with conversion to organic (started in 2016) brings Collina D’Oro Saffron to be appreciated in various countries around the world.
The project of valorisation of the Collina D’Oro saffron has led to the creation of important and exclusive combinations: handmade beer, noodles, honey, praline biscuits.
The company's mission will remain very strong: respect for land and the environment.
Our saffron cultivation is conducted in an eco-friendly manner, with no additives or chemical substances and it will result in the production of approximately 180 thousand flowers, equal to 1 kilo of pure product.

ADDRESSES : Via delle Vigne 2 – 22020 Faloppio (CO)

TELEPHONE : 335 7061165

E-MAIL : [email protected]


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