Bresaola Ferraro

Bresaola Ferraro is just dried cured beef, because our production, started in 2005, was aimed at making a gourmet product free from preserving agents, nitrites and nitrates. This is how Our Bresaola is born.

Real family recipe. Bresaola Ferraro is processed by making use of the real family recipe: top quality beef, salt, selected spices, handicraft processing and a great deal of patience and passion!

Top quality beef : the meat used for processing is all fresh and comes from the best European grazing lands, such as thos of France, Italy, Germany and Spain. We use young beefs ( maximum 24 month old) of these breeds, since we think it is the one best suiting our processing standards. A 100% handicraft processing that one can see and taste. The processed product is not stamped and packed, but left in its natural shape.

Salt : a proper salt quantity, not too week , not too strong, just the one enhancing at best the beef taste.

Spices : they are quite important to this handicraft processing, since no preserving agents, neither acidity regulators nor chemical agents, but only family ingredients such as garlic, whole or crushed spices that are admixed to bresaola only at the moment of salting it.


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