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Azienda Agricola FEDELI was set up in 1909 and is based in Cascina Resentera, Locate Triulzi (MI). Over the years, the company has expanded to the province of Milan, Pavia and Novara, becoming one of the biggest milk and rice producers in Lombardy and giving work to a good number of young farmers. It currently owns a 600-acre estate, half of which is planted with rice. Corn, grass and soy are cultivated in the remaining area. Furthermore, the company owns 400 calves and steers and 500 dairy cows, producing 13.000 litres of high quality milk per day. Our livestock also feeds 2 biogas plants, which generate green energy.


Environment-friendly rice
We cultivate our rice with respect for the environment. Our cows’ manure is used as a natural fertilizer and regular crop rotation prevents the growth of undesired weeds.

100% locally-produced rice
Our rice is cultivated in the province of Milan and Pavia.

Our company has a century old history and we put our whole passion and knowledge in rice farming.

Supply chain monitoring
All stages of production and packaging are constantly monitored.


Superfino Carnaroli rice: ideal for making risotto. Its plump, large grains blend perfectly with any other ingredient.

Venere rice: delicious and healthy. Its dark black grains are rich in fibre, mineral salts (selenium, zinc, manganese, calcium, iron), antioxidants, anthocyanins and plant protein.

ADDRESSES : Cascina Resentera 20085 Locate Triulzi (MI)

TELEPHONE : 02 90730639

E-MAIL : info@risofedeli.it

MANUFACTURER URL: http://www.risofedeli.it

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