Fruit jam benefits and properties
Not only are jams delicious and easy to prepare, but they have also benefits. Homemade jams are even healthier, as they are prepared with simple and natural products and do not contain any added chemical element, added sugar, preservatives or food colourings.
Let’s see how jams can be positive for our body.

  • Jam contains simple sugars such as sucrose and glucose that our body absorbs quickly. They provide short-term energy for immediate, brief physical efforts.
  • It is rich in mineral salts (potassium, calcium, phosphorus, sodium). In fact jam contains high levels of potassium, a crucial element that enables kidneys, hearts and other organs to work properly.
  • It improves constipation as it includes fibers which have a positive impact on the colon. Fruit jams with seeds, such as strawberry jam, not only are easy to prepare at home but they are also particularly rich in fibers which guarantee a successful action against constipation.
  • Jams without added sugars contain a low level of cholesterol (though it is recommended a moderate consumption).
  • Jam is an easily digestible food: in case you suffer from gastritis, conserves do not affect your digestion.
  • It helps to maintain a healthy and balanced diet: One tablespoon (20 g) contains 56 Kcal and the fat amount is 0,01 g.


Although conserves have a great amounts of benefits, there are few precautions that we should bear in mind.

  • Do not exceed the daily recommended consumption, which is 30g. It is also suggested to eat jam at breakfast so that the provided energy will be consumed in the morning.
  • Because of the high content of sugar, an excessive amount of jam may lead to weight gain. In addition diabetic and obese patients should avoid it.

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