Italian Goose salami from Mortara
The Italian goose salami from Mortara IGP is produced with goose meat, exclusively born, bred and butchered in Lombardy, Piedmont, Emilia Romagna, Veneto and Trentino Alto Adige.

In their last three years of life, geese are fed exclusively on green fodder and corn seeds. A butchered goose is required to weigh no less than 4 kg.Despite being born in the 1400s, its popularity is due to its high consume by the Jews in the 20 th Century, as they could not eat pork. They could instead consume goose meat, so this food became one of the main dishes of the Jewish community. Today they can’t eat goose salami as it partially contains pig meat.

The main components of goose salami are:

– Low- fat goose meat (30-35%)

– Low- fat pig meat (30-35%)

– Fat pig meat (30/35%)

Its production method is almost identical to that of other salami sorts, yet goose salami is the result of minced goose and pig meat, mixed with salt, pepper and natural herbs and spices. The mixture is then stuffed in goose skin, sewn and tied, then covered with a cloth.

After drying for a couple of days, the salami is then cooked in hot, non-boiling water, after being stung with a fork in order to be cooked evenly.

Once its cooked, the salami is left to cool down. The color of the slices accurately indicates the types of meat that it contains, in fact you can see white fatty parts, the dark red color of the goose meat and lighter red pork parts.

It can be eaten either cold or warmed up.
Warm goose salami is traditionally accompanied by mashed potatoes or vegetables.
The Protected Geographical Indication (Italian IGP) “Salame d’oca di Mortara” is exclusive for those salamis whose production and transformation processes take place in the Lomellina area, that includes about 50 municipalities in the Province of Pavia.

To fully appreciate the final produce, it’s necessary to highlight how this product is linked to this area. Here geese have found their natural habitat, ideal for their breeding, and have always represented a source of food for the local inhabitants.

In the Lomellina area the breeding of geese has always been a part of really old traditions, as this area is rich in marshes and ponds, as well as vast plots of unfarmed land. For this reason geese can be fed on corn seeds and green fodder and live free without the need of intensive animal farming processes.

Here you can enjoy dishes that include goose salami from Mortara IGP:
La Corte dell’Oca, Via Sforza 27 Mortara (PV) Phone 0384/98397
Trattoria Guallina, Via Molino Faenza 19 Mortara (PV) Mobile 338/7261869

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