Lombardy’s Handcrafted Gelato

It’s cold, it’s delicious and can be a great meal choice during hot summer days, or a tasty treat to end your evening. Gelato is an italian excellence by definition and a dessert appreciated worldwide (just think of how many italians export it in every part of the globe). A large part of the food industry is now focusing on quality and craftmanship, with greater attention to first-class raw materials, and gelato manufacturing is no exception. Of course, considering the radical transformation its agriculture is experiencing, Lombardy cannot be excluded from this trend. In fact, our region is home to a highly productive agriculture culture and can offer the best of its traditional activities and products, accurately tailored to present and future demands. In particular, Lombardy is Italy’s largest milk producer, which is gelato’s most important ingredient.
When tasting locally produced gelato in one of the many farmhouses of Lombardy, it becomes easier and easier to experience unspoiled flavours, thanks to the use of milk of the highest quality.
At the end of a visit or a delicious meal at a farmhouse, you can usually buy and taste some good gelato and feel the intense flavour of our cows’ milk: that’s why we suggest you start with a scoop of “fior di latte”. However, gelato in Lombardy is not only related to milk production, but also to the creativity of our gelato artisans, crafting intriguing new flavours inspired by local products.
For example, have you ever tasted a Varesotto honey flavoured gelato? If you want to learn more about it, click on the link and find out the recipe. Near Mantova, you can easily find pumpkin and amaretto gelato and experience its unique flavour, or in Milan you can have a scoop of exquisite saffron gelato. And don’t forget about panettone, undoubtedly Lombardy’s dessert par excellence, or even torrone di Cremona flavoured gelato. Garda lemon and amaretto di Saronno are also flavours not to be missed. Those of you who want to experiment with something unique, but always bound to tradition, should try polenta gelato in Bergamo or Gorgonzola gelato in Concorezzo.
We invite you to taste and experiment… the hot summer weather is a good excuse to cheat on your diet, maybe with a refreshing scoop of gelato.
12 finalists of the itinerant “Gelato World Tour Italian Challenge” will represent Italy during the World Finals, to be held in Rimini in September 2017. Discover the selected gelato artisans.

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