20th October 2016
Round table discussion

We are glad we have been invited and have taken part in the round table discussion about “Local farming specialties in Lombardy”, that took place as a celebration of the 60 th anniversary of the newspaper Il Giorno.
A beautiful location, the Enoteca Regionale in Cassino Po, in Broni, hosted the event. It’s been a great opportunity to take stock of the products and the food farms in Lombardy after the Expo. The strategies to promote the food farming sector in Lombardy through cultural evolution and planning were a matter of discussion. The director of the Consorzio Oltrepò Pavese Emanuele Bottiroli has highlighted which problems need to be addressed and expressed the urge to work together and overcome rivalries between small and big producers.
In her interesting speech, doctor Ilaria Salera, owner of the company Salera in Garlasco, explains how difficult it is to bring out the quality of the products, that should be protected, better certified but most importantly tasted on the spot. A bigger effort from everyone is needed, in order to make our products well-known, especially abroad, as the regional council member Giovanni Fava said numerous times.

This was a very important moment for Lombardiafood to exchange ideas and we’re happy to know that our website already satisfies all these intentions and follows the right directions in this virtual and non-
vertical trip through Lombardy. Lombardiafood, our traditional local specialties are only a click away!

Lombardiafood is here, ready to promote our territory and products!