Make sure you pay at least a visit to the Lomellina area. Starting from Milan, via Abbiategrasso and Vigevano, you can reach the Lomellina area and appreciate, in the picturesque landscape among the paddy fields, the beautiful proto-Romanesque church called S. Maria Maggiore, with its baptistery from the VI Century, that was rebuilt in the X Century.
The church is open on Saturday and Sunday from 3 to 6 pm. If you would like to arrange a weekly visit, you can contact Fra Jorge (+39 339-2051058).
On the first Sunday of the month, there is a LATIN Mass, as it happened in the past, at 5 pm. Here, in 590 AC, the queen of Langobards Theodelinda, widow of Authari, married Agilulf, duke of Turin.

Still in Lomellina you can find the beautiful church of S. Michele that, despite the fact that its facade was built in the XVIII Century, is another remarkable example of Romanesque architecture.
As a courtesy to municipal officers, you can visit the interior of Castello Crivelli (originally belonging to the Counts palatines, IX Century), location of the town hall, with its excellent frescos and a Roman mosaic from the II-III Centuries.
From Lomello you can reach Sartirana, where you can visit a beautiful castle that belonged to the Visconti family. At the beginning of September the famous festival of frogs takes place in this area, with fried frogs and frog risotto, the typical dishes that you can enjoy in this area throughout all the Summer season. From Sartirana you then reach Breme, where you can visit the remains (the crypt and the baptistery) of an old Benedictine abbey from 929 AC, which is now the location of Breme' s town hall.

lomellina romanesque route

Make sure you try the local dishes, prepared with the local famous red onion (the festival of the red onion takes place around mid-July) and, as a souvenir, you can buy jam and/or onion mostarda. The route can continue with a visit to Pieve di Velezzo (X Cent.) and its baptistery (XI Cent.). If you want to visit Abbiategrasso, Vigevano, Mortara and Robbio with no rush, we suggest you payed at least another visit to this area.