Monte Isola, the gem of Lake Iseo

Monte Isola is a mountain in Lake Iseo, whose beauty is enhanced by the old fishermen villages that still look like they did in the past. As soon as you land on the island you immediately feel more tranquil and relaxed. The island not only is beautiful, but also quiet, in fact cars are not allowed and you can walk among the narrow alleys and visit local craft shops and typical restaurants. The coastal perimeter of the island measures 11 km and has 12 historic town centers: the main town Siviano, Carzano, Masse, Cure, Menzino, Novale, Olzano, Peschiera Maraglio, Porto di Siviano, Sensole, Senzano, Sinchignano. Among the lake islands in Europe, Montisola is the highest one above sea level, reaching the altitude of 600 m a. s.l.. You can reach the island by ferry from both the Brescia and the Bergamo shores.

The only way to travel around the island is on a bike or by bus. The most athletic visitors can walk along the lakefront and enjoy nature and the breathtaking panoramic views on the Brescia and Bergamo coast. At the highest point of the island, at 600 m a.s.l., there is the Santuario della Ceriola, from which you can admire a beautiful and unique landscape.

Nature and vegetation

On this island you can find a wide vegetation that includes olive trees that frame the Southern coast among Peschiera, Maraglio and Sensole (from the Latin expression Sinus olis, which means “cove of oil”). The Northern and the highest parts of Monte Isola are characterized by the presence of typical alpine tree species

Places of interest

Santuario di San Rocco.
Santuario della Madonna della Ceriola, located at the top of the mountain that overlooks the Island, above the town of Cure. It was built on the remains of an old chapel from the XI Century. Inside the sanctuary you can see frescos from the XVI Century and a wooden gold plated icon, from the same period, portraying the Virgin Mary with Baby Jesus, painted by Angelo Paglia and Giovanni da Marone.