Mushroom hunting in Italy

In every part of Italy, from the Alps to the Apennines, there are areas in every region where you can hunt and pick Edible mushrooms, of course if you own the specific card.

Lombardy offers a lot of trails to those who love mushroom hunting
, in the woods or on level ground, on the hills or in the mountains.

A few kilometers away from Milan you can find big quantities and different varieties of mushrooms. The places where you can find them are countless, in the Eastern part of Lombardy you can find mushrooms in the woods between the stumps of the trees running along the Adda river, whereas in the Western part of Lombardy you can find them in the area of Motta Visconti until Malpensa.

In the North instead you can start trailing mushrooms in the area of the Parco delle Groane until you reach the Swiss border. In the South there are a lot of places to visit and inspect, along the smaller water streams located in the Pavia area. The areas of the Parco del Ticino are very rich in mushrooms, as climate and weather in this park and in the surrounding area are ideal for the mushrooms’ growth. Still along the Ticino river, but this time on the side bordering with Piedmont, there are woods that are famous for a strong presence of honey mushrooms.

In the South of Milan, in the Oltrepò Pavese, mushroom hunting is not free, because in order to start hunting with success and satisfaction, you will need a specific card. Other trails, further away from Milan, are Val Sesia, Mottarone, Valtellina, Aprica and Borgotaro.

In the North-East of Lombardy, there are some towns, like Cusio, Valtorta and Piazzolo, that regulate mushroom hunting with a card that, in this case, could be valid even for one day, so that tourists can enjoy mushroom hunting legally and without spending more for an annual ticket, that would be thrown away after using it only once.

This area is rich in water springs, woods and fields, for this reason the mushrooms that grow in the valley find it to be the perfect habitat to proliferate in a series of different varieties that are as good as the ones that you can find in more famous places for mushroom hunting. Among the autumnal produce of this land you can find agarics, boletus, leccinum scabrum, chanterelles, honey mushrooms, pioppini, macrolepiota procera and chestnut mushrooms. Lastly, Bizzarone, Drezzo and Cavallasca are three of the favorite places of Milanese mushroom hunters along the Swiss border.

Here you can watch a video of Antonio Mallozzi explaining how to hunt and pick mushrooms

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