Of great scenic, historical and gastronomic Oltrepò of Pavia offers interesting ideas for at least one visit.
The starting center is Varzi offering multiple aspects medieval (walls, towers, castle, arcaded streets). It ‘also “home” to a sausage exceptional with the eponymous name.
A few kilometers from Varzi you can climb (687 m above sea level) to visit the hermitage of St. Albert of Butrio, with many Romanesque structures and a fantastic view.
The hermitage was home to famous people (the fugitive king of England Edward II Plantagenet, Frederick Barbarossa and perhaps even Dante Alighieri).
Only a few kilometers from Varzi you can visit the castle of Oramala (758m above sea level), built in the tenth century. the branch Obertengo of Malaspina and saw its greatest splendor in the twelfth century, hosting troubadours.

oltrepo pavese

Finally, again in the area, you can get to Zavattarello, one of the “most beautiful villages in Italy”, which is dominated by the castle built at the end of the tenth century. by monks of Bobbio and passed in 1390, after many twists and turns, the property of the captain Jacopo Dal Verme.
The castle is open to the public.
Zavattarello you can take to the Versa Valley, famous for its red and white wines, including sparkling wine.
Alternatively (preferably with a second trip) you can climb to the summit of Mount Penice Varzi (1460 m with breathtaking views) to visit the sanctuary of Santa Maria in Penice that would be built by the Lombard Queen Teodolinda (seventh century) but was rebuilt many times. From here you can go down in Bobbio, in the Trebbia valley, to visit the entire town and the famous Abbey of San Colombano with its museum.