The Bagòss is a cow’s milk cheese obtained from skim milk, it is an hard cheese, very fragrant and tasty. Similar to the Grana, but more compact, it is used to relish, in sauce and simple cheese. You can also roast it on the grill and serve on toasted bread. It is typical of Bagolino and other town of Val Sabbia.
Pappardelle with Bagòss cheese

Ingredients – 4 portions

  • 400 g egg noodles
  • 60 g dry tomatoes
  • 300 g chard
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 90 g Bagòss cheese
  • 10 g catmint
  • oil, pepper, salt e.
This lends cheese, melted, as a condiment or pieces of polenta as a filling for ravioli

Traditional procedure

  • Prepare the pasta dough by adding sun-dried tomatoes and cut noodles.
  • Cook noodles in a pot with salted water until they are quite cooked than drain.
  • Boil the chard ribs and blanch them in a pan with oil and garlic, keep aside a little’.
  • Add boiled noodles, blanch tham in the sauce and stir in grated Bagoss cheese and a little oil.
  • Cover the molds with slices of blanched chard and fill them with noodles.
  • To make the sauce put in a pan a bit ‘of pappardelle, Bagòss cheese, oil and catmint. Cook for one minute then add a bit of broth than mill, filter by a chinois and adjust in density and flavor.
  • Pour the sauce on the plate and turn on it the molds.
  • Decorate the dish with leaves of catnip and sprinkl a little ‘olive oil and chips of Bagòss cheese.