Passo Gavia links Sondrio and Brescia in the summer (see the dates of its opening and closing) and it is one of the highest alpine passes in all Europe. You can reach its Northern side starting from Bormio and going in the direction of Santa Caterina Valfurva or you can walk or drive for 13 km starting from Ponte di Legno. This mountain pass was already used in the XIII Century by Venetian merchants, who crossed it with their goods, reached Bormio and then walked until they arrived in Germany through the Imperial Route. Through the centuries, Passio Gavia gained more and more importance, thanks to its favorable location that connected the Most Serene Republic of Venice and the Duchy of Milan. As of today, Passo Gavia is strongly linked to the First world war (it hosted many important battles, that are still remembered in Cima Vallombrina) as well as to the Tour of Italy. Passo Gavia shows an environment and vegetation that are typical for its high altitude, for example the small alpine lake located on the top of the pass, called Lago Bianco (White Lake) due to its crystal clear water.

passo gavia

On the mountains surrounding Passo Gavia there are the headwaters of two important rivers: Oglio and Noce. Passo Gavia is the ideal starting point for numerous walks on the surrounding mountains like Pizzo Tresero.