Rice: a cereal for your health
Rice is a highly digestible food and helps regulate the intestinal flora. It is rich in potassium and contains little sodium, for this reason it is recommended to those who suffer from hypertension. Being gluten-free, rice can be eaten by those who are intolerant to gluten and people suffering from celiac disease. With 130 calories every 100 grams of product, rice is very rich in nutrients. Eating rice regularly helps fighting bloating, and, if the rice is whole, it combats constipation.
As it is highly digestible, it doesn’t affect digestion and can be therefore eaten by those who get sleepy after eating. For these reasons we can say that rice is healthy.
Whole rice can also help overweight people, if they prefer it to pasta. In order to fight hypercholesterolemia, those who suffer from it could eat red rice at least three times and black rice twice a week. The basmati variety also has other properties: it is low-fat and can be eaten as a side dish, for example as a substitute for bread. Whole rice can be consumed moderately by diabetics as well, as its glycemic index is quite low, especially in comparison to that of pasta; the latter is also ideal for those who have constipation issues.

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