The Val Camonica boasts the presence of a series of majestic engraved rocks that has been listed in the UNESCO List of World Heritage Sites.
This is not the right place to talk about the different techniques used and the different themes of this art that have been developed with the passing of centuries, since the late Mesolithic (7000 BC) until the Metal Age (500 BC). We can, however, suggest visiting the National Park of Rock art in Naquane, in Capo di Ponte, where there is also the National Museum of Prehistory, the National Park of Massi di Cemmo and the Parco comunale of Seradina Bedolina.
In Val Canonica there are other archeological parks with rock art, in Darfo-Boario Terme, Ossimo,Cetocimbergo, Paspardo, Sellero, Sonico.
Also interesting is the Park of Rock Art in Grosio, Valtellina, where you can visit the ruins of an old Medieval castle from the X and XI Centuries and of a more recent New Castle of the Visconti family of Milan (second half of the XIV Century).


This visit can give you the chance to taste typical dishes and local products on the spot.