Bresaola Ferraro

Bresaola processed with selected, high-quality ingredients. This dried cured beef is produced by using the family recipe, handicraft processing with top-grade beef, salt and selected spices. Breasaola will,be shipped vacuum-packed , in a thick slice or whole bresaola accordinng tonthe available cut.

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Real family recipe. Bresaola Ferraro is processed by making use of the real family recipe: top quality beef, salt, selected spices, handicraft processing and a great deal of patience and passion!

The meat used for processing all fresh and comes from the best grazing lands. Processing is 100% handicrafted,it sees ad is felt as a taste The processed product is not stamped and packed, but left in its natural shape.
A proper salt quantity enhances at best the beef taste.
Spices are all-important to this handicraft processing, since no preserving agents, neither acidity regulators nor chemical agents are ever used, but only family ingredients that are admixed to bresaola only at the moment of salting it.


Magatello: achieved by silver side, is a best cut for those who like lean and even-looking bresaola. You can ricognize it since ir has a ore streamlined shape with respect to the otehr cuts.

Punta d’Anca: achieved by the topside, it is the most valued cut. It features the typical drop shape, the tastev being delicate and soft to the palate…it amost melts in the mouth.

Slinzega: it is the most ancient bresaola cut, achieved from the trimming of large beef sizes. It is presently successfully proposed as salami to be cut by knife, for aperitifs and tastings. It perfectly matches with beer and wine.

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