Organic linden honey

Organic linden honey

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Organic linden honey, characteristics: intense and mentholated taste, weight: 500g


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Product Description

Keep calm and eat organic linden honey!

Organic linden honey produced by the agricultural company “Vismara Gianfranco” is produced on Lombard alpine mountainous hillsides and Pre-alps. Plant species (Tilia Cordata) from which honey is harvested has small dark leaves. It ranges in color from light to dark amber when it is still quite liquid. Organic linden honey taste is intense and persistent. It will remind you sage and lime. Its aroma is fresh and mentholated. Its crystallization occurs about two months after its packaging. Crystals’ size is large and they have irregular shapes. Honey becomes lighter and lighter until it gets white or ivory-coloured. Its consistency reminds that of butter. For that reason it is good if you want to have it with toasts (spreading it) for breakfast.

“Calm down, honey!”

Organic linden honey properties

  • it helps you to get relaxed;
  • it is one of the best remedies for insomnia;
  • it has analgesic effects;
  • it is a remedy for digestion problems;
  • it acts like a cough suppressant when dissolved in tea.

Cooking with our organic linden honey

How to use our product:

  • it pairs well with ripe cheese like Bitto cheese and Castelmagno cheese;
  • it is great with PDO Taleggio cheese.

Organic linden honey produced by the agricultural company “Vismara Gianfranco” is not treated during its production. It doesn’t contain artificial additives and it isn’t either pasteurized in order to preserve its high nutritious properties. It is gluten-free and it doesn’t contain either lactose or GMOs. Certified by ICEA.

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