Organic multi-flower honey

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Organic multi-flower honey obtained from different varieties of flowers on Bergamo’s hills in Val Brembana and Val Seriana (valleys in Lombardy). It is extremely versatile in cooking and it has extremely energetic properties. It is an expectorant and it can relieve cough.


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Product Description

Breakfast honey

Organic multi-flower honey produced by agricultural company “Vismara Gianfranco” is the result of a procedure, which takes place during the entire summer. It consists in moving hives to the hillsides of neighbouring valleys. This honey which results changes every time because of seasons, flowers and harvesting-area. Its aroma and its taste change too. When it comes to crystallization, honey crystals can be finer depending on the type of honey glucose content. The constant factor of multi-flower honey is its light or dark amber shade. Wood plays an important role in bees’ sustenance because it supplies the nectar and pollen they need. Underwood spring and summer flowers are often the starting-point of the classic all natural multi-flower honey.

Organic multi-flower honey properties and benefits

  • it has a diuretic effect on our organism;
  • it has an hepatoprotective effect;
  • it stimulates and regulates the digestive system;
  • it helps to soothe cough when dissolved in herbal tea;
  • it is an excellent source of energy.

Cooking with our organic multi-flower honey

How to use our product:

  • as food and beverage sweetener;
  • it is used in desserts to amalgam ingredients or as sweetener;
  • it pairs well with spicy cheese or vegetables;
  • many have it on toasted bread for breakfast, which is a healthy and nutritious choice.

It is good for…

Our organic multi-flower honey is good for children, sporty types and elderly people diets.

This honey produced by the agricultural company “Gianfranco Vismara” is neither a lab-made honey nor a mixture of different honey types. It is the result of different nectars coming from different plant species. The organic multi-flower honey is gluten-free and it doesn’t contain either lactose or GMOs. In order to preserve its high nutritious properties it isn’t either pasteurized. This product doesn’t contain artificial additives.

Certification: homemade organic multi-flower Italian honey 100% certified by ICEA (Istituto per la Certificazione Etica e Ambientale)

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