Shiitake mushrooms in brine

Canned Shiitake mushrooms (LENTINUS EDODES) in brine (800g). Cultivated in Italy by “Tenuta Pozzi”.

Made in ItalyOGM-freeVegan friendly
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ORIGIN: mushrooms cultivated in Italy

INGREDIENTS: shiitake mushrooms (lentinus edodes) 75%, water, salt

ALLERGENS and GMOs: Allergens-free (Reg. CE 1169/2011/EU). GMO free.

WEIGHT: 800g (drained weight: 600g)


SHELF LIFE: 48 months

STORAGE CONDITIONS: store in a cool and dry place

SHELF LIFE AFTER OPENING: store in refrigerator and consume within 7 days

MICROBIOLOGICAL CHARACTERISTICS: commercially sterile product. F121°C: min. 8

PHYSICAL AND CHEMICAL CHARACTERISTICS: pH 4,50 – 5,50 pH 4,50 – 5,50 NaCl: 1,5 – 2,0 %

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Weight 1 kg


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