This is a cold dish made with snails, a typical ingredient from Val Padana. This fresh and tasty salad is low-fat and rich in proteins. We will not explain here how to clean and wash snails. For more details you can read the article land snails, where you will find a video tutorial on how to clean and wash them.
Snail salad
Snail salad
Ingredients – 4 people
  • 400g boiled snails (1kg alive)
  • Garlic powder or finely minced garlic q.s.
  • Mixed pickled vegetables q.s.
  • Ligurian olives (olive taggiasche) q.s.
  • Minced chives q.s.
  • Salt, pepper, vinegar, extra virgin olive oil q.s.

Clean and wash the snails accurately.

How to prepare a snail salad

  • Roughly mince the mixed pickled vegetables and add the snails.
  • Add salt, pepper, vinegar and oil.
  • Add olives, chives, garlic and mix.
  • Leave it at least one hour in the fridge.