Although it can’t be visited on the inside for safety reasons, the “Buco di Piombo” is a particularly interesting big cave located near the town of Erba. Lithic utensils from the Paleolithic age have been found in this cave, as well as a big deposit of bear bones. These findings are showcased in the Museo Civico in Erba.

As a result of the continuous use of natural caves over time, at the entrance of the cave you can see some brickwork, that dates back to the Middle Ages (VI century), when the Magister Militum Francione, with its headquarters in Isola Comacina, opposed the langobard invasion for two decades (568-588 AC). This location can be reached easily from the centre of the town of Erba. Alternatively and preferably, you can reach the Alpe del Vicerè, a panoramic viewpoint at an altitude of 900 meters above sea level, with tourist accommodations and a big parking, from Albavilla (2 km away from Erba) and then walk down to the cave (700 meters above sea level) through a trail in the beautiful woods, on a very old ground that dates back to the late Jurassic era (180- 200 million years ago) and is rich in fossils (ammonoids).

The cave

The Alpe del Vicerè is also worth visiting and it can be a starting point for different walking trails (Capanna Mara, mount Bollettone).