The white asparagus of Cantello

The asparagus of Cantello, a wonderful product of Lombardy, stand out for their unique white color and their pink tips. The stems of these particular asparagus grow under the soil and are completely edible.
We need to highlight that Cantello is one of the last areas of asparagus production in Lombardy and it is therefore very important to know that the asparagus of Cantello has been listed as one of the traditional local products of Lombardy, because of its excellence and peculiarity. The Association for the production of the Asparagus of Cantello is currently actively trying to get the IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) label recognition for this product.

Historical records of the cultivation of white asparagus trace back to 1831. The asparagus were donated to the Church and then sold by auction to obviate the church expenses.
Needless to say that in the past the asparagus was used as a symbol of the town of Cantello’s power.
In fact, in 1863 some citizens of Cantello went to Rome and brought bundles of asparagus in homage to
the Pope.
In 1939 the “Fair of the Asparagus of Cantello” was established, becoming a traditional event that attracts more and more visitors each year.

The white asparagus’ grow cycle is made up of the following phases:

First two years
propagation: a phase of strong vegetation development;

Third and fourth year
increasing productivity: this phase corresponds to the first two years of harvest;

Fourth and fifth year
steady productivity;

Tenth and twentieth year
decreasing productivity.

Since this kind of asparagus stays under the soil for multiple years it’s not suited for crop rotation, instead it has to be grown outside crop rotation.

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