• Italian saffron honey available in jars of 40 g and 130 g. A peculiar flavor for a delicious honey. Exquisite when paired with cheese, saffron honey is a must-taste delicacy. Select the desired weight.
  • Precious saffron liquor, available in elegant bottle of 10 and 70 cl. You just have to try and savor this special product, an italian excellence from Como Lake, to be ecstatic by this unique liquor. Enjoy the pleasure of a unique Italian excellence.
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    These saffron threads are produced in Faloppio, not far from Lake of Como, and are 100% made in Italy. The product’s naturalness is guaranteed by an environment-friendly production cycle, which doesn’t involve the use of chemical additives and fertilizers. Saffron is an incredibly versatile ingredient, perfect for any kind of dish, be it pasta, meat, fish or a tasty dessert. Its intense aroma and vibrant orange colour bring out and enhance every flavour, without adding any fats to your meal. You will receive your purchase directly at home, in handy glass jars available in different sizes: 0.20g, 0.30g, 0.40g, 0.50g, 0.70g, 1g, 5g. Our glass jars feature a unique design, which guarantees the high quality of the product and preserves its organoleptic characteristics. Select the desired weight:


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