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Panettone Christmas sweet

Panettone: the king among Christmas sweets

Christmas is coming and we are ready for dinners and lunches with our families and relatives. The end of the meal is undoubtedly dominated by the Panettone, maybe the most known and appreciated Italian sweet. But there are tons of stories and legends about the origin of this sweet. One of the most reliable brings […]

Shiitake mushroom benefits and properties

Shiitake mushroom: benefits and properties

Shiitake mushroom, also known with its Chinese name Tong-Ku and part of Lentinula edodes species, is a mushroom native to East Asia, whose name means “oak tree mushroom”: Shii (oak tree) and Take (mushroom). As a matter of fact this mushroom grows on oak trees. It is the second more consumed edible mushroom in the […]

Chestnuts - the symbol of autumn

Chestnuts – the symbol of autumn

Chestnuts are undoubtedly a symbol of autumn. It recalls long walks on Pre-Alps or Appenino’s paths, it brings back to peasant’s traditional recipes, it reminds street vendor’s roasted chestnuts with their smell mixed to fog – and we are children once again. Lombardy is rich in places perfect for the so-called castagnate, the action of […]

San Colombano Castle

San Colombano al Lambro

Milan’s hill What do a Saint, one of the greatest Italian poet and a three-time Olympic champion of the Sword have in common? An undoubtedly peculiar place, few kilometers from Milan. It is San Colombano al Lambro: despite the fact that it is near to Lodi and Pavia districts it is a town of the […]

Acacia Honey benefits

Acacia honey has ancient roots, as a matter of fact it was employed as sweetener by Egyptian,Greeks, Romans, Arabs and Indians, before the discovery of sugar. Not only is acacia honey very popular and easy to find, but it has also many healthy benefits. Let’s have a look! How is acacia honey produced? Did you […]

Fruit jam benefits and properties

Fruit Jam: Benefits and Properties

Not only are jams delicious and easy to prepare, but they have also benefits. Homemade jams are even healthier, as they are prepared with simple and natural products and do not contain any added chemical element, added sugar, preservatives or food colourings. Let’s see how jams can be positive for our body. Jam contains simple […]

Typical Lombardy sweets

Not only panettone: the typical Lombardy sweets

Cremona Nougat Christmas in Lombardy does not include exclusively panettone. There are many traditional sweets which enrich Lombardy Christmas lunches and dinners. Let’s have a tour in this region by starting from Cremona. Here the nougat is the king: according to some legends, Augustus’ legionaries were so much impressed by the taste of this sweet […]

Shiitake mushrooms and where to buy them

Shiitake mushrooms and where to buy them

Are you wondering where to buy Shiitake mushrooms? Here on Lombardiafood you can find these incredible mushrooms, 100% made in Italy. “Tenuta Pozzi”, whose products we have carefully selected, is the leading Italian producer of Shiitake mushrooms. In “Tenuta Pozzi”, mushrooms are cultivated and marinated in olive and safflower olive, becoming a delicious and versatile […]

Michelin-starred restaurants in Lombardy

Star kitchens: Michelin-starred restaurants in Lombardy

58 Michelin-starred restaurants clearly confirm that food service in Lombardy is one of a kind. This year, restaurants Da Vittorio in Brusaporto (Bergamo) and Dal Pescatore in Canneto Sull’Oglio (Mantova) have been re-awarded 3 Michelin stars. Meanwhile, 7 restaurants earned 2 Michelin stars – including the well-known Cracco, Sadler and Aimo e Nadia and the […]