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Best places of Lombardy

Discover the places of Lombardy, historic sites and territories where are produced typical Lombard products.



Zavattarello is a medieval village located in the Appenines, at the crossroads between four important provinces: Genova, Alessandria, Pavia and Piacenza. It is called “the green pearl of Oltrepò Pavese”, thanks to its architectural beauty and green landscapes that are typical for Val Tidone. Originally the village was called Sarturanum and it was a feud […]

Vigevano: Piazza Ducale

Vigevano, between art and nature

an enchanted city in the Lomellina area Let me tell you the story of the city where I was born, Vigevano. Vigevano is part of the province of Pavia and it has around 64000 inhabitants, a number that keeps growing each year. Its origins, although confused, date back to 963, when Vigevano was mentioned for […]

Montevecchia landscape

Montevecchia and Valle del Curone

Montevecchia and Valle del Curone are a well-loved itinerary for a classic “trip out of town”, especially for many cyclists and mountain bikers. The town of Montevecchia is located among the hills of Brianza, in the Lecco area, in a really interesting environment as far as history, nature and food are concerned. Farmsteads, churches and […]

Oltrepo of Pavia

Of great scenic, historical and gastronomic Oltrepò of Pavia offers interesting ideas for at least one visit. The starting center is Varzi offering multiple aspects medieval (walls, towers, castle, arcaded streets). It ‘also “home” to a sausage exceptional with the eponymous name. A few kilometers from Varzi you can climb (687 m above sea level) […]

roman theatre Milano

Milan – Roman Theatre

The Roman theater in Milan was built in the Augustan era, between the late I and the early II Centuries. The building had a 20-meter tall stage and a 95-meter wide cavea. The theater could contain between 7000 and 9000 people, at the time there were around 25000 inhabitants in Milan. The area where it […]