It is an ancient recipe which has its roots in field kitchen. As a matter of fact it was invented by workers of husking rice. As the husking rice was a constant process, workers didn’t have much time to cook. Consequently this technique allowed them to cook rice without a continuously checking it. The ingredients needed for this pilota rice are typical products from Lombardy, particularly from territories near Mantua.
Pilota rice
Pilota rice
Ingredients – serves 4
With this dish our sommelier suggest a white wine from Colli morenici mantovani del Garda.

Traditional method

  • Pour 1lt of water in a casserole and add a little bit of salt. As it boils, put in the rice in order to form a sort of hill in the middle of the casserole: the rice must slightly emerge from water. If it isn’t so, you will need to remove extra water with a spoon.
  • When water will start reboiling, gently shake the casserole so that the rice will sink. Let it cook for 10 mins without the lid.
  • As 10 mins ran out, take the casserole off the stove, put on the lid and wrap the casserole with a cloth for 20 mins. In this way rice will naturally end cooking.
  • Meanwhile peel the horseshoe-shaped salami and cut them with a fork. Then brown them with butter by making little pieces.
  • Then add horseshoe-shaped salami to the rice, add two tsp grated Grana Padano. Mix everything carefully.

Products used to prepare a wonderful alla pilota rice: