The authenticity:Quartirolo Lombardo cheeseeverything you need for a tasty and easy starter. Not only is this cheese is easily digestible but it contains few calories too. Consequently each canapé is nutritious and light at the same time. Besides with oil, pepper and fresh cherry tomatoes it is a deliciousness. A must-try!
Quartirolo and cherry tomatoes canapés
Quartirolo and cherry tomatoes canapés
Ingredients serves 4
  • 3 long sandwich bread slices
  • 200g Quartirolo Lombardo
  • 150g cherry tomatoes
  • Oil as required
  • Pepper as required
  • Salt as required


Alternatively to bread you can use crackers or whole wheat bread.

How to cook Quartirolo Lombardo and cherry tomatoes canapés

  • Cut ½ cm thick quartirolo slices
  • According to the cut quartirolo slices, cut bread slices too. On each bread slice put one quartirolo slice.
  • Take cherry tomatoes and put them into a plate, cut each tomato into 2 or 3 parts and add oil and salt.
  • Lie your canapés with bread and quartirolo on a plate or on a chopping board. With a spoon take the tomatoes and put them on each slice.
  • At the end, add pepper on each canapé. Garnish with salad leaves and the leftover tomatoes and Quartirolo.