Calf rognone is a typical dish of Lombardy cuisine. Rognone is a term that refers to the calf slaughtered kidney: it is a kind of gut that we do not use to eat anymore. You can use calf, beef or pig kidney. In Lombardy calf kidney is the most used as it is more tender and delicate. Here we suggest a recipe with polenta: a simple and tasty dish.
Calf rognone with polenta
Calf rognone with polenta
Ingredients for 4 people
  • 2 calf kidneys
  • Garlic as required
  • Parsley as required
  • Onion as required
  • Oil as required
  • Half glass of white wine

Calf rognone can be eaten with wonderful wines from Lombardy such as Pinot Nero white vinified.

How to cook calf rognone

  • Cut away all the fat parts from your rognone then put it in cold water for two hours. Afterwards wash them under running water. Finally cut in small pieces.
  • Put oil in a pan in order to brown garlic, add the cut kidney and stir-fry quickly.
  • Add parsley, chopped onion, salt. Add hot water, some oil and carry on cooking by adding half glass of white wine. Then cover with a lid. Once onions will be browned take off the lid and end cooking.
  • When is time to serve, if needed heat it by adding 2 tsp of water. In this way it will be more thin and creamy.
  • Serve it with whatever vegetable you prefer. It is wonderful with polenta.