“Quater pass per quater piatt”

14th edition of a non-competitive 10 km trail based on food and wine tasting through the Parco Regionale di Montevecchia e della Valle del Curone.

Landscape of Montevecchia
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Sunday 22nd May 2016 took place the 14th edition of “Quater Pass per Quater Piatt“, a 10km non competitive wine-and-food oriented trail through the green hills of Lombardy, specifically the Parco del Curione area. A thousand of participants of all ages took part in this trail, thanks to the sunny spring weather, the beauty of the territory and the typical tasty dishes.


After collecting a fanny pack and a glass in the industrial area of Montevecchia, the participants had to show the ticket that allow them to taste typical products from Brianza at every stop-over. They reached then “Ceresè“, where you can taste the entrees in a traditional farmhouse courtyard.

The following stop is the Moscoretto di Cernusco Lombardone, more specifically the “Maggioni Guido” farm, where you can taste a big plate of typical cold cuts from Lombardy, like local salami, coppa, pork belly and ham with pickled vegetables on the side. The walk continues towards the Valle del Curone and the sports center of Montevecchia. In the wooden shed in Via del Fontanile you can eat two different main courses, that is pasta with tomato sauce and fresh basil and the typical rosemary risotto from Montevecchia.

After the stop for the main courses, the participants get back on track in order to reach Passone di Montevecchia. The trail runs through paths and lines of grapevines, planted on the typical terraces of Brianza: terracing is a widely spread farming solution, in order to farm in areas that are particularly slanted, as it occurs a lot in the North of Italy. After reaching Montevecchia, the participants can taste either braised meat with polenta or roast-beef and French fries.

The route continues up the hill, until the “Beata Vergine del Carmelo Sanctuary”, where you can enjoy the splendid view of the valley and the Brianza and Milan areas. Those who are visiting Montevecchia for the first time can walk up 180 steps surrounded by limes and privet in order to reach the Sanctuary. After visiting the Sanctuary you can have an even better look of the Brianza landscape and in the sunniest days you can even spot the highest skyscrapers of Milan, for example “Palazzo Lombardia”.

From Montevecchia the participants continue walking down a mule track until they reach Ostizza. By the little Church of Saint Joseph you can taste a fresh and original sorbet: a sorbet on a stick made with goat’s yoghurt, fruit and honey from the Cascina Rampina in Monticello Brianza.

The trail continues then towards Calchera di Montevecchia, reaching the Casiraghi farm, where you can taste traditional cheese sorts, including “i furmaget de Muntavegia

The trail ends where it started, that is the industrial area of Montevecchia, where the participants enjoy coffee and a digestif and pick up a free gadget, for this edition it was a kitchen towel personalized with the name of the event. This event has been very successful and is the result of the collaboration between the Oratorio di Cernusco Lombardone, the Oratorio di Montevecchia, “Montevecchia Tempo Libero”, “Gruppo Micologico AMB” from Missaglia and “Bagai de Maress”.
In the end, we need to highlight that the money raised by this event are destined to charity.

Sanctuary Montevecchia

If you have never walked this trail, or you would like to taste these typical products from Lombardy, don’t forget to save the date of next year’s 15th edition of “Quater Pass per Quarter Piatt”!


Article and photos by Michele Mandelli/strong>