The history and culture of vineyards and wineries

Franciacorta Landscape

Franciacorta is an area of scenic interest, thanks to its hills but mostly to the presence of wine cellars all throughout its territory, that extends from Brescia to the Southern end of the Iseo lake. It’s an area to discover and enjoy by visiting wine cellars one by one, old villages, monasteries and castles. Here everything is beauty: villages, villas, farmsteads and castles contribute to creating an enchanting natural landscape, made up of low boulder clay hills covered in vineyards and olive tree groves. It’s a sweet, hilly landscape that holds small and big surprises behind every curve. The territory is mostly hilly and was originally scattered with woods. It has been transformed in a system of numerous vineyards, that have determined its productive relevance, becoming a nationally recognized area of wine production, where the original productive method is still active.
Vines have been planted from a very long time on the Franciacorta hills, though the new era of wine production started in the early 1970s, with the creation of the first cellars, when various businessmen started investing and focusing on the planting of vines.
The production and marketing of wine coming from the Franciacorta area has become more and more important with the passing of years. For this reason, Franciacorta can boast the recognition of the DOCG label and it plays an important role in the wine field thanks to its high-quality. With time, the name “Franciacorta” has been more and more associated with the DOCG spumante (white sparkling wine), that is produced in many vineyards in the same area.

Franciacorta Map

The Franciacorta wine Route

The Franciacorta Route is a 80 km long route, that allows everyone to visit the area by following tracks especially created on the basis of what they would like to see. It aims at promoting local wine-and-food tourism, praising and preserving the Franciacorta wine culture.
On the Franciacorta Route there are not only wine cellars, but also agritourisms, bed&breakfasts, museums, distilleries, wine houses, tour operators, golf clubs, horseriding centers and much more. However, wine and many local products still remain the stars of the show.
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Bike routes

Itinerary 1: Franciacorta Satèn – yellow route
Itinerary 2: Franciacorta PasDosé – blue route
Itinerary 3: Franciacorta Brut – green route
Itinerary 4: Franciacorta Rosé – red route
Itinerary 5: Franciacorta Extra Brut – black route

On-foot and nordicwalking routes

Trekking Brescia-Iseo
On-foot track Monte Orfano
On-foot track Erbusco
On-foot track Monte Alto
On-foot track Borgonato
On-foot track Torrente Gaina
On-foot track Torrente Gandovere
Download the brochure to see bike and on-foot routes (Franciacorta_Brochure-Strada-it.pdf)

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The name Franciacorta is linked to the presence of French Courts and can be brought back to when cluniacense monks came to the area. After their arrival, free trade was allowed (Curtes francae); the name “Franzacurta” appeared for the first time in 1277.
Currently, the name Franciacorta is closely linked to the wine that takes after its name.

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