Pizzoccheri from Valtellina

In the middle area of Valtellina, more precisely in the town of Teglio, you can taste excellent Pizzoccheri.
Pizzoccheri is a flat sort of pasta, measuring 7 cm long, 2 or 3 cm high and 1 cm wide.
Pizzoccheri resemble tagliatelle, yet it’s easy to distinguish the two thanks to the flour used to make them and their size.
Their main characteristic is their grey-ish color, that is due to the composition of the dough: 2/3 buckwheat and 1/3 regular wheat flour.
Pizzoccheri are the best-known and most characteristic product of Valtellina and can be enjoyed at best in the winter times. A big plate of Pizzoccheri with butter, garlic, Casera cheese, Savoy cabbage and pepper will surely delight and restore local skiers and climbers or curious tourists.
The origin of Pizzoccheri traces back to 1550. After this date, there has been proof of their production in many historic written works, that describe it as a handmade pasta dish with garlic, butter and cheese.
Since then, the original recipe has been transformed, even now many renowned chef put their own twist on it, for example adding truffle to enrich the dish or porcini mushrooms.
In our homes in Lombardy, Pizzoccheri are always cooked following the traditional recipe.
Right in the town of Teglio there is a “Pizzoccheri Academy“, that organizes meetings where its members discuss this topic.
The meetings take place each time in a different restaurant, where the members can talk about our dear “grey” pasta, while tasting a steaming dish of pizzoccheri. If you have never tasted this dish, I strongly suggest you dedicated a weekend to try this valuable culinary experience, combining the tasting of Pizzoccheri to that of other local typical products.

Here you can find the link to the original recipe of Pizzoccheri from Valtellina