Spumante wine Italy

We keep receiving great news about Made in Italy products. This time we are very proud to be talking about spumante wines. Our bubbles are experiencing an increasing success in Italy ad well as abroad, and this positive trend seems to be going strong in the first months of 2016 too.

Last year’s records are thrilling, in 2015 the national production reached 520 million bottles. Out of all the bottles that have been produced, 72% (about 373 million bottles) have been exported to 90 countries, with an international turnover of 2,573 billion Euros.

In comparison to 2014, Ovse-Osservatorio economico dei vini effervescenti, founded in 1991 by Giampietro Comolli, reports a 17% increase of the volumes and a 14% increase on value. 2015 is another year that cancels the 10 last years’ records in terms of production and export: “The volumes have done well – says Giampietro Comolli – but for years we’ve been asking to be more careful about the selling value keeping in mind the favorable Italian attitude. The gap to fill is still too big, because globally the price is a symbol of quality. The gap of 4,66 euro for an Italian bottle versus 12,10 euros for French bubbles, with an average of 22,49 euros for a bottle of Champagne, doesn’t correspond to the reality, as far as quality goes”.

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