popogusto milano
Popogusto is an interesting initiative organized by Radio Popolare, aimed at independent producers.
This exhibition showcases quality food produced by local companies, with a direct and transparent relationship with consumers, in the name of authenticity and ethics.
It is an opportunity to taste and buy healthy products from dozens of independent farming companies: fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables produced without using chemical fertilizers, fresh pasta, gnocchi and ravioli stuffed with seasonal products, bread produced with organic flour, red and white meat from free-range animals, free-range chickens, cheese produced with traditional recipes, chemical-free honey, fruit and vegetable jams, wines produced from old grapevines aged in durmast ballers, the best coffee blends, flowers and herbs, herbal and fruit teas.
The event takes place every second and fourth Saturday in the month (except for December).

Next event: Saturday 21st November 2015 from 9 am to 3 pm Rotonda della Besana – via Enrico Besana 12, Milano

For other events visit the website http://www.radiopopolare.it