What would your guests say if, while tasting exquisite caviar at a special dinner, you told them that the world’s top caviar producer is located in Brecia, Italy? Many wouldn’t believe it at first, but after a quick Google search they will be astonished.

The first position in the ranking of caviar producers is occupied by the Azienda Agro Ittica Lombarda (trademark Calvisius Caviar).

The company produces caviar from Russian sturgeons bred in large tanks, and from sturgeons coming from the Ticino park. Its story started in the late 70s with the introduction of a breakthrough fish breeding system. Getting a product that surely represents the Italian excellency requires a lot of passion and hard work.

Everything is based on the idea of taking advantage of the area, that is rich in pure water sources like the Calvisano area, to breed the White Sturgeon, a species typical of the Pacific Ocean that lives in perfect conditions in the clean water of this area. From the eggs of this species the company obtains top-quality caviar, called “the black gold of Calvisano”. Other species have been added, like the Russian sturgeon that stems from the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea, that have significantly expanded the offer of this refined product.

The nature of the territory, the innovative techniques and the artisan ability have brought this business remarkable success. This also proves that Lombardy is ideal for agriculture and breeding, even fish breeding thanks to the numerous river basins and waterways. We often forget how unique the territory we live in is and how important it is to preserve a region with so many food and wine resources, unknown or forgotten, that should be more appreciated both in Italy and abroad.

Quality, artisanship and sustainability are key to this company, who firmly believes in using source water and top-quality animal feed.

The sturgeon has been listed as an endangered species by the Washington Convention since 1998. The company has been struggling for over 30 years to safeguard this endangered fish species.

Caviar may seem expensive, even though it is now much more affordable than ever. It surely is still a classy food and, thanks to fish breeders like Agro Ittica Lombarda, that are spreading around the world, the offer for sturgeons is higher, thus making the price drop.

With that being said, you now just have to try this product, you can order it from a very smart e-commerce website: