The Neolithic, so called because it spreads a new way of working the stone, by abrasion and polishing, is not only a change in the technique: it is a real cultural revolution, with the introduction of agriculture, ceramics, sedentary forms of life and the spread of trade even at long distances and by sea. For example obsidian, stone tools used for conventional (chipped) came from the island of Lipari, then to Monte Arci in Sardinia.
The cultivation of cereals such as barley and wheat is well documented, for example from fossil fragments such as those exhibited at the Museum Giovio of Como.
Equally known is the technique of baking: bread remains are kept at the Museum of Cavriana (Mantua).

villaggio palafitte lago varese

Worth a visit is the dweller Isolino Virginia, on Lake Varese, Biandronno locations. The site, with exhibition and outdoor small museum (the finds are mainly kept in the Archaeological Museum of Varese) is the oldest and lasting dwelling settlement in the Alps (5000-2000 B.C.)